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Improve your serve, backhand, and forehand with the right tennis forearm exercises

From lifting light weights to squeezing a tennis ball, you can find simple yet effective exercises that target the muscles in your forearm and help you hit harder and better shots.

People quite often forget the smaller muscles involved with playing tennis shots and don’t do exercises to strengthen them. Due to the physical complexity of tennis and the need to develop strength, power, court movement etc., injury prevention exercises are quite often pushed down the list of priorities. Players will prioritise what they feel will impact on their performance in the short term.

  • By strengthening the smaller stabilising muscles around joints, it can eliminate a lot of joint-related tennis injuries e.g., tendinitis.
  • By improving the capacity of these stabilising muscles to endure the different positions and stresses each tennis shot puts on them will help prevent tennis related injuries (muscle tears, overuse injuries, etc.)

One key area that is neglected is the forearm. These muscles play a key role in grip strength, racquet control, and force absorption.

Specifically, weak forearm muscles will lead to tennis elbow or wrist injuries. By strengthening the forearm muscles and making them strong enough to handle the forces applied to them on every shot, will not only improve the consistency of your shot but also avoid pain and inflammation.

The Forearm Pronation Exercise is a great exercise that can be done at home or the gym to help strengthen the forearm muscles.

Forearm Pronation

Performance Description

  1. Hold a hammer handle in your hand and bend your elbow 90°. Slowly rotate your hand with your palm upward and then palm down. Do three sets of 10 on each arm.

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