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Strength Training Program & Golf Exercises for Seniors

Many golfers who are 50+yrs enjoy the game of golf. It’s a great way to get outside and enjoy some time with friends. Its also an enjoyable way to get some exercise!
Unfortunately, as you get older the body is not as strong or flexible as it used to be. As fun as golf can be, it also puts a strain on the body that can lead to injury or discomfort. These issues can be easily addressed with a stretching and injury prevention program. This program can be done 2-3x a week for 30min and it will go a long way towards keeping you on the golf course!
It is also recommended that you perform some dynamic stretches before you start your game of golf. Not only will you swing better but you will reduce the chance of feeling discomfort or tightness in your muscles e.g. lower back, side and shoulders.
Dynamic stretching and movements are the most efficient way to warm up. Dynamic stretching is best described as moderate movements that progressively increase the range of motion in the joints. Previously, people would perform static stretching to warm up but it has been found that dynamic movements are best for the warm up and static stretching is best for cooling down

Here is a great example of an exercise that helps strengthen the shoulders:

Scapular Retraction

How to Do:

  • Wrap the band around a pole
  • Position the band at chest height
  • Grab the band underhand and hold slightly less than shoulder width
  • Step backward with your arms straight until the band has some tension in it.
  • Maintain a strong posture
  • Pull your elbows back and keep them tight to the body until they are positioned just before the torso.
  • Pause then return to starting position.

The Fitness Well provides a range of stretching and injury prevention programs for all ages and abilities