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Improving Shoulder Health With Shoulder Training Programs for Tennis Players

When looking at common injuries in Tennis it can said that the shoulder is one of the most injured parts of the body. Knowing this information should lead a tennis player to spend time improving the health of their shoulders. This should form an important part of a tennis players training program.

The shoulder is heavily involved in each tennis stroke. If you add up the amount of tennis serves an individual will perform in a singles tennis match, it will add up to quite a lot.

There is a particular group of muscles that make up the rotator cuff that are instrumental in the function of the shoulder in tennis. The rotator cuff muscles provide stability and protection to the shoulder joint. Just by focusing on conditioning these muscles can lead to a significant improvement in shoulder health and mobility.

The shoulder requires a balance between stability and mobility in tennis. If there is not enough strength in the muscles and a lack of mobility in the joint, the stress a tennis stroke has can cause an overuse injury. To prevent future injuries, strengthening the shoulder means strengthening the complete shoulder area. This includes the back muscles that support the shoulder blade to the rotator cuff muscles that support the arm.

Training shoulder exercises, specifically external rotation, helps:

  • Improve your posture
  • Strengthen your infraspinatus muscle
  • Improve reaching overhead with the serve

Here is a shoulder exercise that can improve shoulder health.

External Rotation

  • Attach the resistance band around a stable object slightly above the waist
  • Grab the handle of the resistance band with the hand that is farther away from the anchor point.
  • Keep your elbow tight to your body.
  • Engage the core, and slowly rotate the shoulder externally (away from the body) while keeping the arm close to your side, parallel to the floor and wrist straight.
  • Pause then slowly return the handle to the starting position.
  • Repeat 10x and complete 2 sets

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