The Fitness Well Director

Ryan Turner B.Sc (Sports Science) Dip.Ed (PE) MBA (UWA)

Ryan started his strength and fitness journey 25 years ago. He has worked with elite athletes across a number of sports including golf, tennis, AFL football and cricket. He has built a training philosophy to help people of all levels maximise their fitness, reduce the chance of injury and achieve their fitness goals.

He started training pro tennis player Matt Ebden when he was 17 years old and just turning professional. Ryan’s training programs helped Matt build a strong platform to achieve success on the pro tennis circuit.

Matt won the 2022 Wimbledon doubles title and played in the 2022 Australian Open doubles final, and Ryan couldn’t have been prouder of what Matt has achieved through his career.

β€œPlayers have the opportunity to maximise their game by engaging in a professionally designed training program. The hardest part can be just getting started. I have the goal of making strength and fitness programs available to everyone in the game of tennis and golf and making a difference in their performance.”

Strength Coach Ryan Turner, The Fitness Well

I put together The Fitness Well for a specific purpose. I felt too many people were not getting access to programs that would help them achieve their goals, whether that be losing weight, getting stronger, get fit, or maximise their sporting performance.

My goal is to provide professionally designed training programs for people of any ability and age. Programs that could be done at home and easily followed. I also want people to crash through that common fitness barrier that people just don’t know where to start, or what to do.

The Fitness Well programs are designed to keep people training all year round, feel the benefits and embrace the challenge of improving their strength and fitness or their chosen sport.

We also want to build a Fitness Well community. We want to hear from members on how they are going, are they achieving their fitness goals, how their tennis or golf game is improving, and that they are encouraging other people to join to make sure everyone can enjoy the benefits.