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You acknowledge and agree that, before commencing or continuing any of the programs, trying any exercise or otherwise using any Content  offered online or accessed through this website or app (“Programs”), you will (and will ensure that any children with whom you use any Content):

  • Consult a skilled medical professional as to the suitability of the Programs for you.;
  • Ensure that you not are injured and will immediately stop if you feel any sharp or sudden pain in any way in connection with the Program;
  • Carefully check your environment and all equipment (including anchor points, etc.) for safety and potential safety issues before commencing;
  • Ensure that you and every other Program participant who uses Programs through you, has reviewed and thoroughly understands and follows all advice and information concerning the correct technique for performing the Program.
  • Ensure that if you are unsure how to do an exercise, drill, stretch or any other related part of the programs, that you stop and seek advice from a qualified professional.

In addition, if you or any person who uses a program through you (a “Junior Program Participant”), is under the age of 18, you must also ensure that the Junior Program Participant:

  • Is sufficiently mature as to be able to comprehend and carefully follow the technique and safety instructions relevant to the Programs they are undertaking;
  • Ensure that any weight training undertaken by a Junior Program Participant is not more than 15% of that person’s total fitness program (supplemented by other sports, play and cardio activities);
  • Is closely supervised at all times while performing the Program;
  • Does not undertake excessive repetitive weight bearing movements or explosive power lifting (all weight bearing exercise should be widely varied)
  • Does not lift more than an additional 10% of their body weight when following the strength components of the program.

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