The Ultimate Guide to Golf Fitness Training

Improve your golf game with this comprehensive guide to golf fitness training! Discover the best exercises and routines to increase your strength and flexibility on the course.

Golf Strength & Conditioning

What’s Included in the Package

Strength & Conditioning:

2 x Training workouts designed to be completed in the gym.
2 x Training workouts designed to be completed at home with minimal equipment.
2 x Power training workouts

Injury prevention programs:

  • Golfers Elbow
  • Knees & Hips
  • Lower Back & Torso
  • Shoulders

Dynamic warm up routine
Stretching program
Professionally designed Adult and Junior program packages available.

Wanting to start a training program or haven’t trained for a while? We offer a Foundation program package.

We also offer an Extension program package for players who are more advanced with their training or have finished using the Foundation program and want to further advance their training.

These are all available to be chosen at the sign-up page.


Why start a Golf training program?

Increased strength will lead to increased club head speed, which in turn means higher ball speed and distance.

Spending just a few hours in the gym per week can improve your golf game, keep you injury-free, and extend your years on the course.

A golfer’s body must be strong enough to move through the range of motion required of the swing.

A golf specific training program will increase the force through your swing and maintain balance and stability


What are the key 4 fundamentals of a golf training program?

  1. Power: producing force and power along with maintaining and building strength play key roles in the success of a golfer.
  2. Balance: balance exercises are a great way to create a solid foundation for your golf swing. Achieving strong balance throughout your golf swing is an important contributing factor for a strong golf swing.
  3. Stability: Improving stability in the upper body allows the shoulders, arms, wrists and hands to manipulate and move the club during the swing motion. Improving stability in the lower body must include the combined control of the hip, knee, and ankle joints. During the back swing the golfer must maintain a stable base to allow the proper coiling of the spine and upper body to produce a strong swing.
  4. Speed: Speed training is an important feature of a golf fitness training program. To gain distance on your ball, you have to have a faster club head speed to generate higher ball speed. The stronger you get you’ll be able to swing the golf club just as fast or faster with less effort.

Is this you?

I can’t rotate properly because I feel tight in my back and torso.

I feel like I lose balance when I swing.

I’m losing distance on my driver off the tee.

My back hurts during or after my golf game.

I can’t seem to get any clubhead speed.

Our golf fitness training programs solve these problems!

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