Step 1​

Choose a training program area, Tennis or Golf.​

Step 2​

Choose from our range of packages that include:​

Free Trial

  • Trial an individual program for 14 days


Receive access to an individual program area. These include:

  • Core
  • Strength
  • Power
  • Court Movement (Tennis only)
  • Injury Prevention
  • Fitness Training


  • Get access to all training areas. This is our most popular and the best value.


  • Get access to all training areas plus you get access to professional feedback and guidance from our experienced and qualified trainers. Premier members will have access to a form where they can send clips of their exercise technique and we will provide professional feedback. It’s the best way to improve quicker!

Step 3​

Once you have chosen a package you will be asked to choose the age bracket that matches you.

Your choices are:​

  • Under 18’s​
  • Over 18’s​
  • Over 40’s​

Each program is specifically designed to suit the physical development of the chosen age bracket.

Step 4​

If you have chosen the Free Trial or Base package, you will be asked to choose a program area.

Apart from the Free Trial package, you will be asked for basic personal and payment details.

Step 5​

Once signed up you will receive email confirmation of your subscription and login details, plus some introductory information on what you should consider when starting a training program.

You will have access to your designated training programs on the members page where you will be able to view our easy-to-follow exercise pics and clips.

The Base, Popular and Premier memberships offer a free dynamic 10min warm up for both Tennis & Golf. This is available on the members page once logged in.

Step 6​

Feel better and then play better!